Whether you want to decompress, pare the pounds or rejuvenate your appearance, our medspa offerings at Enid Live Well will leave you feeling fantastic!

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Therapeutic Modalities

Service Description Pricing
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Utilizing your own blood, we activate your platelets which contain stem cells, growth factors and other healing properties which can speed tissue healing in joints, scars, and other areas which may have lost tissue density due to aging or injury.  Common areas we use PRP are for shoulder and knee joints, P-shots and O-shots, and for facial rejuvenation. $495
Ultrasound This treatment encourages faster healing, decreased swelling and pain relief. Very effective for injuries, swelling and arthritic joints. It is also great for heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. $30
Emsella Pelvic Floor Conditioning High intensity electromagnetic muscle stimulation is utilized to provide supraphysiologic muscle contractions of the pelvic floor while remaining fully clothed and in a seated position.  The pelvic floor is the most important muscle of the core.  Strengthening this area can improve back pain and stability.  It will also alleviate incontinence and improve sexual function. $200

Medical Health Services

Service Description Pricing
Weight Loss Programs Detailed consultation and evaluation to determine your personal protocol.  We utilize semi-glutide and ozempic combined with lab work, hormonal and genetic testing as well as education and nutritional plans developed specifically for you. $120 consult

~$300/month for medicine depending on dose

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
Consult A natural way to optimize and re-balance the hormone levels in your body. $120
Male Hormone Pellets Testosterone placed beneath the skin providing lasting, steady levels of energy and vitality as well as increased sex drive and muscle tone and decreased belly fat over time.  Pellets are placed one time every 4-6 months.                                                                       $600
Female Hormone Pellets Low Level testosterone and estrogen (if in menopause) placed beneath the skin to improve muscle tone, belly fat, skin elasticity and thickness, and sex drive!  Estrogen improves and maintains bone density and is protective against heart disease and alzheimers.  Pellets are placed one time every 3-4 months.                                                                               $350
P-shots Platelet rich plasma derived from your own blood is activated and injected into your penis to increase tissue density and girth while improving blood flow, rigidity, sensitivity and erectile function.                                                                                                               $495
O-shots Platelet rich plasma derived from your own blood is activated and injected in your clitoris and vaginal canal to improve sensitivity and orgasms as well as to tighten tissue and increase lubrication. $495
Joint Injections


Utilize either PRP and/or steroids to provide rapid relief and advanced healing. $495
Trigger Point Injections Steroid injections directly into painful muscle knots providing immediate pain relief that can last for up to 30 days.  (Even better – get adjusted during the 30 days and prevent the pain from returning!) $120
Cool Sculpting Freeze fat destroying the fat cells permanently. Abdomen, back of arms, love handles, above knees, bra fat.  Cool sculpting is king of eliminating the bulge and de-bulking. $500-$700 per cycle.
Emsculpt Melt fat and build muscle. Equivalent of 20,000 crunches (or squats) in one 30 minutes session.  Lose 30% of fat and increase muscle mass by 25% in 4 sessions. The fat cells are slowly removed permanently and the muscle fibers contract at intensities that are not achievable with exercise to initiate a growth process. This results in both fat elimination and muscle building! $400
Emsella Strengthen your pelvic floor to reduce incontinence and back pain, improve mobility and enhance sexual function. 6 sessions for $1200 12 sessions for $1800
Laser Hair removal Painless, permanent removal of unwanted hair.  Requires 6-8 sessions. $50/zone
Nonablative Fractional Resurfacing Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, smooth skin, reduce appearance of scars, thicken and improve skin.  Little to no downtime. $600
PhotoFacial Reduce brown spots and age spots as well as treating redness and spider veins $350
Tattoo Removal Q-switch yag laser technology breaks down ink particles so that the body can eliminate them.  Requires 6-8 sessions.  One area is considered a tattoo about the size of a business card. $150/area
Neurotoxin (Botox and Xeomen).  Relax muscles to reduce wrinkles and fine lines $11 per unit
Filler Restore youthful volume to Lips, cheeks, jaw line, tear trough and more. $700/vial