“You can do anything you believe you can do. Simply take a deep breath, pull up your socks and go for fence.”

Dr. Viki

Dr. Viki White, DC graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1991. She is truly inspirational in her zeal for helping others become pain free, fit and beautiful. Dr. Viki has over a decade in aesthetic experience with laser hair removal and facial rejuvenation. Body contouring is her new passion!

Dr. Bob

Dr. Robert Breckenridge, DO has decades of experience in both emergency and family medicine and has progressed into a regional leader in hormone optimization and rehabilitative medicine. Dr. Breckenridge also oversees the Medicare rehabilitation and therapy in our office.

Enid Live Well offers progressive services to help you achieve your goals. Anti-aging. Acne. Skin ailments. Sexual confidence. Discover more natural and safer ways for men and women to deal with depression, anxiety, low sex drive, menopause, osteoporosis, heart disease, and PMS.

Or simply renew and restore with spa services in a modern facility that is beautiful, welcoming and relaxing.

Serving Enid, Oklahoma Since 1995

Enid Live Well is your long-term strategy to address all that life and aging throws our way. With the right consultation and treatments, you can overcome and surprise yourself and others with the victory and beauty you live daily.