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Cool Sculpting


Permanently freeze and destroy 25% of fat cells with each
treatment in any area you can pinch. No surgery, scars or
downtime. Maximum results you can see in 4-6 weeks

Contoura Body FX


Melt fat with deep heat, ultrasound and electricity. Weekly
sessions provide smoothing permanent results to pockets of
stubborn fat. 6 sessions achieve visible results

Contoura Skin Tightening


Deep heat and Radio frequency stimulates cellular retraction
and collagen enhancement resulting in visible lasting results
to tighten skin on neck and body.

RF Microneedling


Treat skin from the inside out with deep thermal RF heat
which tightens skin while reducing pores, scarring, and
stretch marks all while brightening and smoothing skin


Cellfina Cellulite Removal

$2500 & up

True repair of cellulite dimples on buttocks and legs
guaranteed to last 5 years. One treatment is all that is
required. Severs the bands that cause the dimpling.

Miradry Sweat Reduction


Eliminate sweat, smell and hair in as little as one treatment.
permanently. There are over 2 million sweat glands in our
body. Less than 2 percent are under the arms – why not get
rid of the stinky embarrassing part?

Vampire Facelift


Utilize both platelet rich plasma and hyaluronic filler to add
volume and lift where time and weight loss have taken it from
your face. Helps with hollows under the eyes and sagging
jowls as well as generating tighter finer skin. Reduces the
amount of filler needed to achieve full facial revitalization.

HCG Diet


Use the hormone that helps stimulate the release of stored
fat. HCG daily injections combined with a low calorie diet
make it possible to lose 30-40 pounds within 30-40 days.
Get $600 back to use toward Cool Sculpting or Skin


Botox and Xeomen


Neurotoxins work quickly to relax underlying muscles
allowing the wrinkles on the surface of the skin to be
eliminated for 3-4 months at a time. Early and continued use
of neurotoxins can prevent the permanent deep creases and
lines on our face.

Lip Filler


One vial of super plumping Juvederm ultra plus provides
definition and volume to create wow lips that still look
natural. Or one vial of Volbella XC provides a softer fill.

Facial Filler


Hyaluronic acid filler can provide lasting volume to lift areas
that have been diminished by time or weight loss. Lifting
facial structures also reduces deep smile lines, and sagging
jowls. More vials may be required to replace marked loss.

Lip Flip


Small amounts of botox or xeomen expertly applied in the
upper lip area can flip the natural color in your lips providing a
bigger lip look without the filler




Benefits include increased circulation, improved flexibility,
and purging toxins from the muscles as well as relaxation and
reduced stress. 60 minutes

Deep Tissue


This therapeutic massage is ideal for those who suffer from
old injuries or chronic pain. Deeper stronger work on aching
muscles 60 minutes

Mini Session


Shorter duration allows you to focus on particular area or
reduce stress when time is tight but still achieve the results
you need. 30 minutes



This gentle massage relieves discomfort, relieves stressed
joints, and promotes circulation for overall wellness.
Performed by experts with your safety in mind. 60 minutes


Erbium Yag Resurfacing


Removes surface roughness, fine lines and scarring to
produce smooth even skin texture

Photo Facial IPL


Removes brown age or sun spots, red marks and rosacia to
even skin tone. Can be performed on face, hands decollete,
arms and legs.

Acne Laser


Kills the bacteria on skin that causes acne while reducing
redness and healing time of active lesions. Combined with a
good skin care routine and microdermabrasion to remove
debris from pores, this is the answer!

Vampire PRP Facial


Use your own blood to harvest growth hormone and stem
cells which will enhance lost volume, skin tone and texture,
as well as reduce wrinkles and crepey skin. All natural results

Vampire plus RF


Enhance the benefits of both therapies by super stimulation
of collagen and deeper penetration of the PRP

Spider Vein Resorption

$150/ea 15 min

YAG laser pinpoints spider veins and cauterizes them
beneath the skin allowing your body to reabsorb them
leaving your skin spider vein free.

Tattoo Removal

$150/2x3" area

Gold standard laser tattoo removal quickly removes
unwanted tattoos to either lighten and recover or eliminate
completely. This treatment takes multiple sessions.



Gently remove debris from pores and exfoliate deeply in
order to restore skin vitality and improve texture and skin
eruptions. Includes cleansing, and moisturizing for your skin


Female Pellets


Improve energy, skin, muscle tone and sex drive by
optimizing testosterone (and estrogen if in menopause).
Eliminate the symptoms of menopause and perimenopause.
Improve arthritis pain. Pellets are placed every 3-4 months

Male Pellets


Supercharge your energy and vitality with testosterone that
lasts without the roller coaster ride of shots. Improve your
muscle tone, reduce belly fat and improve sex drive and
stamina. Male pellets are placed every 5-6 months



Placement of platelet rich plasma to reduce stress
incontinence, tighten vaginal structures and improve
orgasms and sensation.



Placement of PRP in the shaft improves blood flow and helps
to grow new capillaries which may have been damaged by
high blood pressure or diabetes. Improves ED. rigidity, and
sensation. Also enhances both girth and length with each


Chiropractic Adjustment


Adjustments improve mobility, remove pain and enhance
performance by restoring the connection between brain and



Ancient chinese therapy improves your body’s ability to heal
itself by restoring the electrical energy circuits. Helps with
pain, stress, muscle tension and vitality.

Trigger Point Injection


Painful trigger points or inflamed joints may be calmed by the
use of analgesics and steroids providing immediate pain
relief. Combine with chiropractic or massage to eliminate the
condition that caused the pain and find total relief.

Anti-inflammatory Injection


Relieve all over pain and inflammation with an IV steroid
protocol followed by a vitamin cocktail/steroid IM injection.
This protocol provides nearly immediate long lasting relief to
all over pain.