Massage Therapy

Health benefits of massage therapy extend beyond simply soothing aches and pains. It provides many health benefits as well. In addition to stress relief, on going massage therapy can reduce pain, increase energy levels, and improve overall physical and mental performance. Massage therapy increases circulation, decreases inflammation and helps us to release endorphins which are our bodies’ natural pain relievers. We are so fortunate to be located in a center that also provides chiropractic care. Both chiropractic and massage are fantastic when used alone, together they are sensational. We welcome you to partake in only massage or combine it with chiropractic care or physical therapy modalities or even acupuncture. You get to choose! We also offer membership packages that make having a regular massage cost effective and an integral part of your schedule.

Our therapeutic massage services include:

We utilize the healing power of organic oils and balms to provide total body relaxation. The Classic Swedish massage includes treatment of the neck, arms, upper and lower back, legs, and feet.

With this service, our therapists target the deep tissue structure of the fascia to release muscle tension and address chronic knots. They use slower, deeper strokes to focus on specific stressed muscles.

On top of giving body relaxation, our therapeutic massage delivers pain relief on specific body areas. It includes myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and active release techniques. With this massage, we address fascial adhesions, reduce edema, and increase mobility.

We offer assisted stretching designed to decrease musculoskeletal pain and improve joint mobility. Our therapists may concentrate on one specific area, or the entire body depending on your needs.

With a special massage, we help soon-to-be-moms relax their tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve mobility, and feel more relaxed. We tailor this massage to the specific needs of their changing bodies. We only allow therapists trained in prenatal massage to perform this service.

This 30-minute session involves applying eight essential oils along energy meridians of the body to help balance its sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. It helps ease stress and decrease muscle inflammation while offering full body relaxation.

Massage Add-Ons

You can choose to include any of these in your massage therapy treatment:

Hot stones offer sedative effects that help ease chronic pain, alleviate stress, and promote deep relaxation.

Adding aromatherapy to your session means you’ll get to inhale natural fragrances that help reduce stress, improve mood, and promote energy.

Let us moisturize and revitalize your scalp to keep dandruff at bay while promoting hair growth.

Be taped for your specific injury and learn how to tape yourself at home. Kinesio taping is ideal for minor injuries, pain reduction, and sport-specific protection.

Our spa offers Mind Fit Technology that helps your brain recover from stress. In just twenty minutes, this session can give the de-stressing results of a four-hour nap.

Our therapists will teach you several self-stretching techniques so that you can ease pain at home. We’ll give written home instructions for your guidance.

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