Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is at Enid Live Well!

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If you have the following symptoms, your hormones may be low:


• Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
• Weight gain
• Decreased energy/fatigue
• Difficulty losing weight
• Feeling cold all the time
• Decreased sex drive
• Loss of interest in sex
• Bone density loss
• Thinning, dry skin
• Loss of hair
• Thinning nails
• Hot flashes
• Irritability
• Brain Fog


• Belly fat or a ”pot belly”
• Low energy
• Decreased muscle mass
• Insomnia
• Depression
• Irritability
• Lower sex drive
• Wrinkles or thinner, dryer skin
• Difficulty getting or maintaining erections
• Brain fog
• Forgetfulness


Hormones like estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and thyroid make up the basis of our vitality, youthfulness, and energy from the onset of puberty and throughout our lives. Hormone levels decline steadily as we age leaving us prone to decreased muscle mass, increased weight gain, lower levels of energy, and more susceptible to bone density loss, heart disease, and dementia. Many times you will be told that your hormone levels are “normal” for your age. Perhaps, lower hormone levels are typical, but it is NOT normal and it is certainly NOT OPTIMAL! You deserve to live your life in the most optimal state possible from now until your dying day

That is where hormone optimization comes in! We offer both pellets and prescription hormone therapy for men and women!
At Enid Live Well, we have spent countless hours over the last decade in post-graduate studies – and with patients – concentrating on bio-identical hormone optimization. The work we do is backed by hundreds of peer-reviewed studies as well as countless success stories with patients just like you. Let us give you your youthful vitality back beginning with lab work to analyze where your hormones are. We can then recommend the perfect levels of hormones to help you more easily lose weight – especially belly fat, transform your sex life, and restore your energy. We’d love to discuss in detail what Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy can mean for you!



Estrogen (Estradiol)

• After menopause or a hysterectomy, natural estradiol (not synthetics like Premarin®) can stop hot flashes and ease menopause symptoms.
• Found to help with arthritis symptoms and pain.
• Helps to normalize weight loss
• Improves restful sleep
• Decreases wrinkles and skin laxity
• Improves bone density
• Protects against heart disease
• Protects against Alzheimer’s


• Improves muscle mass
• Thickens skin
• Improves energy and vitality – especially in men
• Decreases belly fat
• Increases sex drive
• Protects against prostate cancer


• Decreases menstrual flow
• Eases PMS symptoms
• Relieves post partum depression
• Helps maintain pregnancy
• Balances estrogen dominance
• Improves PCOS symptoms
• Protects against estrogen dominant cancers


• Increases energy
• Decreases hair loss
• Improves regulation of body temperature
• Makes weight loss easier

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